Presenting and Writing

Here you will find a list of events I have presented at, some of which have accompanying videos, materials, and images, plus, articles I have written. 

Conferences and talks

IBAT 2nd Annual Conference – Reflections on using Dogme ELT and managing emergent language in the classroom – December 2020

Webinars and workshops

ELTed Dublin Webinar – Mining students’ output for gold – December 2020Link to video

Using and discussing its pros and cons (Online roundtable workshop) – February 2021Link to video

ELTABB Workshop – Focusing on the positives: giving feedback to students and clients – September 2022

In-school training

The English Studio – Making speaking more practical in the classroom (Workshop) – November 2018

The English Studio – Memory and attention (Talk) – June 2019

The Berlin School of English – Giving positive feedback to students and clients – October 2022

IH Berlin / GLS – Giving positive feedback to students and clients – April 2023


Emergent language and reasons to promote it in the classroomSeptember 2021

Focusing on the Positives: How to Give Motivational Feedback to Language Students and ClientsOctober 2022

ELTABBer of the month interviewNovember 2022