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As the weather started to get a bit more unbearable, heat-wise, here in Berlin, it kind of warranted an escape to cooler parts of the city. Signing up to help ELTABB at EXPOLINGUA at the lake was just the ticket I needed.

EXPOLINGUA is an annual trade fair comprised of exhibitors from all sorts of language backgrounds showcasing courses, conducting workshops, and/or informing patrons about recruitment opportunities. Like most events, this event returned to its former glory in person, not done since 2019. 

I wanted to help out with ELTABB and signed on to help for a couple hours. We had a table set up for the two-day exhibit to help promote the organisation to anyone interested in joining. I had a great, albeit brief, time networking with my fellow ELTABBers in person, and I am very much looking forward to the Stammtisch events they hold often in the near future. I will definitely head back next year for the full experience.

Not ready for a picture.

I’ve been an ELTABBer since I moved to Berlin and the people you meet and network with on their website have really helped me to settle into my new surroundings; whether it’s helping me about what life is like as a freelancer, or notifying me on a couple of job postings. With these thoughts in mind, I wanted to give back a little bit. We put on a good show, I thought. We had a lot of food to entice interested patrons to come to talk to us; food is always the way. 

I was truly marvelled by the spectacle on show at EXPOLINGUA. There was a lot going on. The event really spurred me on to keep my German studies going. It was the catalyst I needed to speed things up a bit. There were many polyglots walking around the event, and I hope I can be one of them in years to come. 

You can find more details about EXPOLINGUA here and ELTABB and what they do here.

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