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Why am I blogging?

Entering the blogging world, and maintaining a blog seems like a very daunting task to undertake, but it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. The reasons why I want to start a blog are quite varied.

For me, just coming off Delta, I need to be able to keep developing as a teacher. Having a blog would be a small step in the right direction. This will motivate me to keep reading and keep researching, something which I really enjoyed doing on Delta. I was encouraged to consider starting one by my peers and tutors and they were instrumental in getting my confidence to where it is today to take this plunge into the blogging world, so, thanks a mill!

Having a blog will also enable me to have the courage and confidence to branch out and meet and interact with other practitioners in the industry and build, hopefully, long-lasting relationships. The ELT world is a very small place and we need to look after each other, especially during these uncertain times when the industry is on its knees.

My aim is to give back a little to the industry and my colleagues who have been very supportive of me during my studies. I’m going to have dedicated pages for CELTA and Delta in the near future. I’m also considering starting a project about the lives and work-life of teachers who teach abroad, to get their perspectives on life and working in this industry. I think this would be very useful for those who want to travel to these countries and work in those contexts.

I do have another teeny, tiny reason why I’m starting a blog which you may find silly: I was previously a writer and I have a background in TV writing, would you believe. Unfortunately, since I started working as a teacher, I have let my writing slip by the wayside, just a tad. So, by doing the blog, I feel as if I’ll be able to get back on that creative horse, and it will whip me into finishing or pursuing new projects in the near future. Now you may think that I’m one of those guys who have a dusty, old book or unfinished and unsolicited draft in their desk drawer for which I never return to. But I’m quite serious about my writing, and it would be an awful shame after doing a master’s in creative writing to have nothing to show for it.

I hope that if you’re reading this, you will revisit my blog from time to time to see what I’ve been getting up to, and I hope that you enjoy the writing that I produce.

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