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Hobbies and interests

What free time activity do you do the most?

I try to balance all my interests out but if i had to choose it would be learning German at this present moment in time.

What free time activity do you turn to straight away after work?

I like to see what my friends are up to on social media, check emails, and watch a few of my favourite vloggers on YouTube.

How many languages do you speak?

Just English for now, and trying my hand at German. I talk a lot more about my history with languages here.

Do you like sports? If so, which ones?

I like football, hurling, rugby, American football, snooker, swimming and some of the Olympic sports.

What is your favourite sport and why?

I really like football but I know a lot of people don’t, but, for me, my family lived down the road from Highbury stadium and our local team was Arsenal so you were ushered into liking them. Arsenal have a rich history of playing Irish and black players which was great. However, I only started watching football consistently in 2009 when I returned to London to prep for my masters. It was around this time that I started to enjoy going to live games, when I had the opportunity, or watching the matches live in the pubs around Holloway Road. I have rarely missed a match since then. I know some people find football boring, especially my mum, but Arsenal play nice, attractive stuff when they are in form. My first memory of a football match was Ireland versus Italy in the World CUp 1994. 

What is your favourite book?

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. I read it in school. It’s an important piece of literature that I think every child should read.

What is your favourite music?

I grew up listening to alternative music as every kid does I suppose. I used to be in a pop-punk band in college, and we were quite good actually. I listen to a lot of music but I especially like jazz, rock, and 80s pop. I listen to LoFi when I’m studying.

What films do you like?

I like anything with a good story and well-developed characters, so not Adam Sandler movies. I have no problem watching ‘Lost in Translation’ again and again.

What TV programmes do you watch?

I would watch everything and anything with a good story but especially shows that build their own mythology and reward viewers for paying attention. 

What videos do you watch on YouTube?

I like to watch people documenting their lives whilst living abroad, funny dog videos, short-documentaries, music, obviously, and anything related to ELT.

What games do you like to play?

Myself and a famous Italian plumber

I was exposed to video games at a very young age e.g. Tetris, Mario. I like games that have engrossing stories and good gameplay. I particularly like JRPGs (Persona, Final Fantasy) and I am currently enjoying a few rounds of Rocket League with friends online.

What is your favourite thing to do outside?

I love walking through forests with my dog, Yuki, especially on a nice day. Hate those midges though!

What was your favourite hobby as a child?

Building bike ramps with my friends and riding over them during summer holidays.

What is your favourite place in the world?

From a garden in Kyoto

Easy. Japan. Would love to live there one day. However, I also love this park in San Gil in Colombia where you can chill out in the baking sun and watch the locals go about their day.

What was your favourite holiday?

I went to Japan in 2018 for a couple of weeks and I’m dying to go back. 

Is there an interest that you would like to pick up?

I’d like to play music consistently again. I would also like to get into building things as I love the smell of sawdust (but don’t breathe that in too much!).

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