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From language student to trainee teacher

For me, like everyone else I guess, my history with other languages started at a very young age and it was hit and miss all the way up to my first foray into language teaching. 

I was always very much fascinated with Japanese and their culture. I used to watch a lot of films and video games in Japanese but never felt the urge to actually learn the language. I was also very keen on French films, which I still consider today to be the best around.

When I got to secondary school in England, this was my first experience studying a foreign language. We only really had the option of studying French and I studied that for two years in London, and a further year in Ireland. I later dropped French for other subjects in the Sciences and Business. I’m not sure why I did that. I guess looking back now, I felt frustrated at not getting anywhere with French. It’s a real shame because obviously now I would have liked to have continued studying French.

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Hobbies and interests

What free time activity do you do the most?

I try to balance all my interests out but if i had to choose it would be learning German at this present moment in time.

What free time activity do you turn to straight away after work?

I like to see what my friends are up to on social media, check emails, and watch a few of my favourite vloggers on YouTube.

How many languages do you speak?

Just English for now, and trying my hand at German. I talk a lot more about my history with languages here.

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Why am I blogging?

Entering the blogging world, and maintaining a blog seems like a very daunting task to undertake, but it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. The reasons why I want to start a blog are quite varied.

For me, just coming off Delta, I need to be able to keep developing as a teacher. Having a blog would be a small step in the right direction. This will motivate me to keep reading and keep researching, something which I really enjoyed doing on Delta. I was encouraged to consider starting one by my peers and tutors and they were instrumental in getting my confidence to where it is today to take this plunge into the blogging world, so, thanks a mill!

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